Product Care & F.A.Q.

Below are a some of the most common questions we have receive from our customers. Don’t see your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We can be reached via email at

What's the best way to care for my jewelry?

What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

Use a polishing cloth as needed to clean your jewelry.

How should I store my jewelry?

The best way to store your jewelry is to hang and store each piece separately, preferably in secure area.

What chemicals are safe to spray on?

Do not spray beauty products directly on your jewelry, such as lotions and perfumes. Instead, apply application before wearing your jewelry.

Can I swim with my jewelry on?

Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, etc.

My jewelry is leaving dark spots on me, what do I do?

To avoid black markings either on your skin or the artistic wire, be sure to clean your jewelry regularly. These markings are due to trapped oil and dirt in the metal and can be easily cleaned.-If your jewelry requires further cleaning, use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat dry. Never use jewelry cleaner on Trend pieces. Jewelry cleaners are too harsh and may contain abrasives. We recommend using a polishing cloth for Precious pieces.

Can I get my Bangle repaired if it breaks?

Yes, we do offer repairs for Bohemian Expression merchandise only. Please email a photo of your item to to begin the repair process.

Are there fees associated with repairs?

Items purchases within the last 6 months are repaired for free.

There are fees associated with some repairs:

Items purchase more than 6 months ago are subject to a repair fee. The fee for bangles and beaded bracelets is $10 for the first 2 repairs and $1 each for each other, within one shipment. Necklaces repair fees start at $10 and go up to $15 depending on the nature of repair.

• Due to the nature of our products, we may not have the stones that were used for your item. In this event, our customer service department will be in touch with options.

Repairs can take from 2-3 weeks to be completed. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Am I able to exchange and/or return my purchase?

Yes, you are able to return your item(s) within 14 days for a refund. Item(s) will be eligible for an exchange within 30 days of purchase. All item(s) must be in original condition and packaging to be eligible for an exchange or return. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Please contact us at with questions.

My bangle does not fit - Do you have a smaller or larger size?

Yes, we offer both smaller and larger items. If you currently have a bangle that you would like to have resized email customer service at The fee for this is $10 for the first two and a $1 for each additional bangle.

If you see something on our site that you would like to order in a smaller or larger size, please send a photo along with the sku number and a brief message to

What sizes are your bangles offered in?

Each bangle is offered in standard (8.25”) and large (9”)

Do you offer custom bangles?

We will gladly work with you to create custom bangles. Send your ideas, artwork and contact information to: All custom bangle orders are FINAL SALE.

Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry that you want to cancel your order. Please email to process your cancelation. If your order has already been shipped, we will be unable to process a cancelation and you will need to proceed with a return. Custom orders cannot be canceled.

Can I change my order?

If you would like to change your order email as soon as possible. Once your item has been shipped, we are unable to change your order. Custom orders cannot be changed once confirmed.